Importance of Professional Character

In my opinion, the following professional traits (positive traits) are very important in corporate life.

Positive Traits: Honesty and truthfulness, polite and courteous, down to earth, ownership and accountability, self-organized and self-dependent

I give a lot of emphasis to the above mentioned traits. I believe the above mentioned traits define your professional character. And if you have the highest quality of professional character, sky is the limit and you can do any work with ease. One of the fundamental differences between these behavioral characteristics and technical skills is that – these traits are inherent and cannot be taught to large extent. One can try to inspire a person to follow the path of honesty but only to a certain extent. If the person’s natural wiring of mind is such that it knows only vicious intentions then even best of the teacher’s can’t do much.  On the other hand, technical competency is a science which can always be learnt provided one has the aptitude to know and work with technology. Technical knowledge of respective job function (be it programming skill or any other skill like HR, sales, project management) can always be developed easily if someone has right attitude and ability to learn.  IMO, working in IT industry is not a rocket science. But still people fail, people get terminated, people develop poor quality software and develop poor relations – all of this because they miss one or more of the above mentioned positive traits.  People become so much focused on impressing the boss that they stop learning, stop developing skills, take short-cuts using below mentioned negative traits. Continue reading