Passion as Profession

I want to make my passion as profession, add value to mankind and society by bringing a positive change. Areas close to my heart and hence aligned with my passion are mentioned below.

: Projects on subjects of Nature, Travel, Scientific Discoveries and Innovations such as

  • Travel & Tourism; Discovering Nature
  • Space research – Astronomy and study of universe fascinates me
  • Antarctica, Study on plants and Nature – Forests
  • Global weathers, Geological Patterns
  • Genetics, bio-chemistry etc.
  • Networked Society – Innovations & Research in Telecom

: Projects directly impacting society and related to IT such as

  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Hadoop
  • IPTV
  • Fantastic products from innovators like Ericsson, Google, Apple etc.
  • Satellites, New Technologies and Product
  • Consumer behavior, M-Commerce, E-Commerce etc.

I wish to to get associated with team(s) doing Scientific Discoveries or projects impacting society. How can I contribute:

  • Bring my full spectrum of Management skills (e.g. planning, risk management, scheduling, financials, forecasting, reporting, resourcing, validation, documentation, release planning, migration to production, bridge between business and technology, customers – stakeholder SUCCESS)
  • Analytic skills
  • Writing – (Research document, status, reports, thesis, marketing campaign & collateral
  • Communication and Coordination (diverse stakeholders across continents)
  • Risk Management
  • Validation, Look and Feel, Testing, Usability, Finding hidden bugs (silent threat to business)
  • Coaching and trainings
  • Photography

: Other pursuits of passion

  • Life Coach,  Creating Humane out of Humans – (inspired from “The Monk who sold his Ferrari“) including Creating Career
  • Professional grooming of soft skills in schools – I think many of essential soft skills which people learn after entering corporate world should learn right at the grass root level which means schools (such as communication, presentation, one team, how to handle conflicts, writing, leadership skills and so on…)
  • Writing
  • Travel & Tourism – Take ‘Travel and Tourism” industry to next level by (a) bringing innovation (b) write blogs on various countries (c) analyzing consumer behavior and offering products that are really out of the box and deliver TRUE business value )
  • Photography
  • Coaching : Wish to open an academy to groom young professionals and turn them into high end consultants, also want to coach IT professionals in Agile – the true agile doing transformation of mindset and paradigm shift from traditional thinking (learning just a set of practices is not agile).


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